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About Printec USA

Global Leader in HMI Systems and Membrane Switches and Electronic Interfaces

PRINTEC develops complete HMI systems for applications ranging from medical and industrial to appliance and recreation. Our application engineers work closely with our customers to develop specifications, HMI panel layout and integration, mechanical design, and cabling. We provide detailed drawings and schematics, tested prototypes, logistical support, and manufactured systems that give our customers fully-integrated HMI solutions.

PRINTEC also provides design and manufacture for standard membrane switches and electronic interfaces. We use industry-leading manufacturing technologies to meet our customers’ requirements for creativity, quality, and efficiency.

PRINTEC offers full, in-house engineering and design services, supported by experienced project engineers with the latest CAD/CAM/CAE technology and pre-press software/hardware. PRINTEC manufacturing capabilities are ISO 13485 certified, and extensive. Press room capabilities include screen printing and IR lines with the ability to process a variety of conductive inks, as well as conventional solvent and UV decorative inks. Computerized color matching is utilized to ensure color consistency and repeatability. Our surface mount line features pick and place robotics for high speed and precise placement of components onto printed switches and flex circuits. We provide innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

PRINTEC was established in 1992 in both the USA and Taiwan. Our Global Headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Printec USA is located on both the East and West Coast of the United States. Both offices function as a sales office, design and prototype facility, and JIT distribution point for our North and South American customers. Since it was founded, PRINTEC has earned a global reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of silkscreen printed products as well as high-quality membrane switches, subpanels, and overlays. As individuals and as a company, PRINTEC believes that the pursuit of quality requires a culture that is characterized by mutual respect, teamwork, dedication, and personal initiative.

  • US Branch Office
  • Established: Sep 1992
  • 25 Employees
  • Factory
  • Established: Dec 2002
  • 450 Employees
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